Saturday, September 29, 2012

Walk The Block

Yesterday was interesting.  First off there was a solution to a potentially dangerous problem that was affecting traffic on Center St..  The Summit School lets out and there is usually a line of cars that extend out the front of the school.  Now Center has a blind curve, and as you come around that curve at speed, cars could be stopped, thus creating a serious situation.  Large signs were placed before the curve stating, "Stopped Traffic Ahead" complete with flags etc..  This should stop the problem or at least alert drivers that there is a problem up ahead.

Walgreen's on Davis seems to be working as a drug store again.  The grace period is over and the kids that can't get it in there head to stop loitering will get a free ride downtown, starting Monday.

Last night I participated in a "Walk the Block" exercise with the Arlington Police.  My guess was that we had about 10 officers and we covered all of the Presidents streets.  The purpose was to talk to the neighbors and find out what their perception of the Police force was in their area.  Discuss problems of the past and the current level of presence of Police activity.  It was the people's opportunity to vent to the Officers that protect them on their beat.  It was a great exercise and I want to thank Chief Leland Strickland for initiating and implementing the program.

This morning I will be down at the Farmers Market on Front St. from around 9:30 till around noon talking to people and supporting the Market in their effort to bring fresh produce to the greater downtown Arlington area.

Hey it's going to be a great weekend in Arlington.  The Rangers need some wins, the Cowboys and Bears on Monday night, and if you are a frog fan TCU is home, and the Ryder Cup is on for the Golfing Guys.  Enjoy the weekend and remember that the National Night Out is Tuesday.

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