Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wednesday Sept. 26th

This morning I started out with a staff meeting concerning Greater Southwest Industrial Park.  It was noted that we have spent 20.8 million dollars on Randal Mill and Ave F refurbishment.  We are going to spend 66 million on Abrams and various streets in the industrial park.  Three other streets are being included in the next bond ammendment.  The GSW park is huge to the commerce of the city and the 18 wheelers that travel those streets are really destroying them.  We are really fighting an uphill battle in this area.

My next event was an enlightening lunch with the President of the Chamber of Commerce Steven Zimmer.  We talked about several issues but his main points were mobilization and redevlopment.  It was interesting listening to the concepts that the Chamber would like to implement.

Then it was off to the Luraco Company to essentially listen to them describe how they need help in the area in front of their building, to allow the 18 wheelers dock in their facility.  To be honest I didn't think that their road was all that bad but the area that the 18 wheelers use to dock is pretty messed up.  Andy Nguyen, the County Commissioner was there and he pledged to utilize his manpower if the city would supply the materials.  This could be a win, Nguyen situation.

Then it was off to the Walgreens at Davis and Lamar.  Most everything was quite today.  There were only about 6 students out front of the store today.  I told them that an announcement was made at school and that flyers went out at school and that this week was a grace week.  Since two of the kids were 18 I informed them that next week they would be going to jail and the rest could go to Juvenile Hall for parent pick up.  They moved on.  Next week the fun will really begin.

Lastly I met with a group of concerned neighbors at Brenda Langly's house.  I briefed them on items that the Council is working on and they seemed genuinely interested as concerned neighbors should be.  A myriad of subjects were covered and the major theme was to stay involved and stay observant in the neighborhood's activities.  I'm looking forward to National Night Out coming up next Tuesday.  It should be fun.

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